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Welcome to my blog! I am Julie Grant, a passionate lover and servant of Christ. I am an author, a chef, an engineer, a pastor and evangelist, marriage counsellor, a mom, and an entrepreneur. I see myself simply as an existential extension of God's Word (Christ) and do not derive any joy, pride or satisfaction from achievements, accolades, or titles – even though I have a few of them. Jesus told the disciples that the reason He had accolades to share in signs and wonders is because of whose they are. They are now God’s children written in the Lamb’s book of life, thus with God’s DNA in them their word is as good as the very word God Himself speaks. Satan will fall for the word of God and every spirit will be subject to the word of God we speak. Every day I give thanks to God for adopting us as His children, so He gets all praise for every success, achievement, and victories in our lives. The Word of God is spirit and life (John 6:63); it is living and active (Hebrews 4:12), and when quickened by the Holy Spirit, has dynamic power to impart spiritual life to us. Twenty-one years ago, I worked at Parkland Health and Hospital System as a Senior Engineer. For proficiency implementation, part of my job was to save the hospital time and money while improving patients’ hospital time. I used Managewise which was acquired by Intel and later integrated with their Intel management suite. The management suite was instrumental to my management success except giving me the ability to reboot the remote desktop. We had to pay technicians to travel to client desktop just to recycle the system power. I asked Mike Stout from Intel to ask Intel if they would please add the loadable module to their chip so I could streamline that task to the Help Desk. Happy to report Intel added that function to their chips and the global life of users has not been better. Ever since, a lot of programmers have written programs around it. Now we can remote control desktops for repairs and improvements, teleconference and telecommute and much more work for greater good from such a humble beginnings. God’s word says nature declares His handiwork. By God’s wisdom, I made a suggestion and personally changed and expedited technology globally. I am believing that the spiritual training I am giving through my books will do the same thus the existential extensions of God’s word (Jesus Christ). That is how I want to be identified – just like the centurion.

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